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“Grizzled” the billionaire’s wife, Xenia Delhi compared with Karl Lagerfeld

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Since 26-year-old model Ksenia Delhi married 62-year-old Egyptian tycoon Faty Slave, Ossama al-Sharif, she never ceases to excite the imagination of the fans a chronicle of his life of luxury. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Recently Ksenia just not pleased with the new photos, but was surprised by its new look. Ksenia appeared with “grey” hair and commented: “it is necessary to experiment with hair. It is a beautiful accessory with which to play around”.

Fans ambiguous reacted to the appearance of the model: “Why? Horrible color, I don’t like, and you don’t go”, “Wow, shock”, “the Hair is just the bomb.” There were those who compared the young model with a famous fashion designer that one can hardly take a compliment: “Similar to Karl Lagerfeld”.

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We will remind, the Egyptian billionaire beauty met with Yegor Creed. However, she has not grieved alone and soon after her breakup with musician had an affair with the businessman. After the wedding, the couple went on a journey, the details of which she shared in Instagram. Ksenia was made famous by the filming of the clip of Justin Bieber for the song What Do You Mean? It was rumored that they even had an affair, but the public never saw.

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