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Gritsenko urged Tymoshenko to public debate

Гриценко призвал Тимошенко к публичным дебатамHrytsenko has ruled out the possibility of uniting with Tymoshenko in the elections.

Anatoliy Hrytsenko, the leader of the party Civil position and one of candidates in presidents of Ukraine, ruled out the possibility of joining forces with Yulia Tymoshenko in the nomination of a common candidate in the presidential election in 2019, and in the cooperation at the parliamentary elections of 2019.

“The short answer is: no, – said Gritsenko. in response to the question the presenter of the program Pechersk hills Valery Kalnysh about the possibility of uniting with Tymoshenko. But there are fundamental things where we could join forces with Yulia Tymoshenko is to explain to the people of the key differences in our programs, in the value system”.

Explaining his opinion, Gritsenko urged Tymoshenko to open debate – for example, in the broadcast media.

“And I guarantee absolutely respectful, friendly attitude, there will be no attacks and insults. But since we have fundamentally different views on what should be the Constitution – and this is important, the basic law of our country – she wants to bet on the Chancellor, the Parliament, and I believe that it should be a popularly elected President is, I think it would be perfectly normal cooperation of [public debate] – said Gritsenko. – Honest, polite [discussion], in order for the people then decided. Not monologues listened to each, and compared the arguments and made a conclusion that one or the other”.

At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of cooperation with the forces of “liberal-democratic Patriotic camp” in the later stages of the election.

“I consistently believe and hope, will make this effort, that we will be able to unite sooner or later. With someone before the election, so didn’t move forward with someone even after we pass a certain way, but then there is an opportunity to unite, to withdraw his candidacy. We need to formulate a winning strategy, is now a real chance,” – said Gritsenko.

He also said he would not allow himself to unnecessarily criticize the contestants.

“You haven’t heard me say any bad words to those named and unnamed you [] in our liberal democratic Patriotic camp who have already said that they will go separately [for presidential elections]. Despite the fact that I believe that it breaks the effort and is not common, but I didn’t say a single bad word,” – said Gritsenko.

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