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Grindhouse goes on TV! Watch the second trailer for “Bloody race”

If you missed the news about this project, it is likely navertyvat, for there’s coming a fierce and exciting gesture in the spirit of the old school. And arrive it there, from looking on TV.

The SyFy channel has ordered 13 episodes of the series “blood drive” (Blood Drive), and the first trailer made the hearts of fans Grindhouse to be inflamed. The show promises tin, meat, mutants, freaks, psychopaths and the roar of engines in the middle of a post-apocalyptic desert! It’s hard to believe a show on TV. Hard to believe that a show SyFy!

The second trailer is not as meaningful as the one we saw in April, and the new staff there a little (for the timing it’s more of a teaser), but nevertheless the movie was very cheerful, whet the audience’s expectations. By the way, it is possible to catch up with some great promo videos.

And while the synopsis of the series:

Los Angeles in the near future. The water is as little as oil. Due to climate change the temperature in the shade falls below forty-six degrees Celsius. This is the place where the crime is so widespread that the police drew attention to the most serious offences, and it is here that Arthur Bailey, the last good COP in town, facing the most dirty and vile underground rally in the world. The show’s host is vaudeville nightmare, participants are perverts, murderers, and cars run on human blood. That’s why it’s called the “blood race”!

Castes of the series is made up of such actors as Alan Richson (“the Hunger games 2: catching fire”), Christina Ochoa (“the laws of the wolf”), Thomas Dominic (“Black mirror”), Marama Corlette (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Colin Cunningham (“Stargate: Continuum”).

Author James Roland.

So, we wait for the “Bloody race” is already on 14 June this year.

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