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Grigory Yavlinsky: “Lies and the country”

Григорий Явлинский: "Ложь и страна"

“Why did the USSR collapse? Someone says that due to empty shelves in stores and the lack of sausage. Someone believes that because of the bad economy and exorbitant military expenditures. Someone blames the helplessness of the leadership of the country at that time. Of course, all this played a role. But the main reason was different: the Soviet system, largely based on lies collapsed in the face with the truth”, – the politician writes in his blog.

“For decades it seemed that the lies in the Newspapers, on television, from the stands of the congresses and of the offices of the leaders will be endless. But when the people in a loud voice began to speak about what they think and what they want, the gap between citizens and government proved to be irresistible and the Soviet system became unworkable. And when, in August 1991, a group of senior Soviet officials, who did not have the slightest understanding of what is happening in society, he tried clumsily, using again the lie events turn back the clock, began an irreversible collapse. The truth, like toothpaste in the tube, it is impossible to push back. Filled with lies, the boiler burst.

Since then it has been 28 years. The country is once again immersed in a state of lies. Lying almost about everything: about the economy and the war, elections and human rights, the environment and foreign policy… Shameless propaganda and deceit of the Federal mass media and “prigozhinskie trolls” officials of all ranks and military, deputies and investigators, judges and members of election commissions. As if there had been 74 years of Soviet power, paplateles for the endless lies of the disappearance of their own state. It’s like I learned nothing, for example, the Chernobyl explosion 33 years ago. As if there were thousands of victims of radiation exposure, many of whom actually were victims of government lies. As if this had never happened…

And so, in August of 2019, ten days after the explosion under the Severodvinsk, which killed two soldiers and five nuclear scientists, it became known that allegedly because of “problems with communication” in Russia suddenly stopped working from five monitoring stations of the international monitoring system nuclear test. Authorities at all levels insist that there is no radiation danger after the explosion, the Kremlin once again call “to focus on the statements of the President”. Maybe so, but when the government is fooling and lying on any occasion (falsifiziert even the official verification of signatures submitted by candidates), who would believe them about the radiation?

So in everything, at every step. Therefore the main political problem of our country is not even the level and quality of democracy or the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, as is commonly believed, and the unrestricted and widespread lies that underlie public policy.

Starting with the October coup in 1917, the government was built on lies. The lie has become an essential element of the Bolshevik state that was unable to fulfill their promises to the people, concealing it through deception and terror. Something similar is happening now: lie remained organic core element of the current eclectic state system that wants to maintain its historical relationship with the Soviet regime, and by the late monarchy, and with the modern world. It is possible to do only with continuous and all-encompassing lies.

The policy of building the post-Soviet Russia continuity with the lies of the past 75 years can not move to a normal modern life and leads to a dumbing down of the public consciousness. Therefore, lacking a conscious and voluntary support of the people, the Russian government is afraid of its own citizens and impose fake democracy.

Obviously, that is not stopping state intentional lie, it is impossible to establish a free and modern life in the country, to carry out any effective reform. The main threat to the Putin system — true. The society’s refusal to accept the lie will immediately destroy the system. Therefore, the regime will furiously fight for their lies and for themselves, and we must fight for truth and for freedom.”

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