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Greetings from “Hogwarts” in the river of a bunch of long-eared owls. Video

Привет из «Хогвартса»: в Днепре поселилась стая ушастых сов. ВидеоA real “branch of Hogwarts” was made by a local yard in town.

One of the houses on the outskirts of the residential area of levoberezhnyy-3 turned into a real wilderness, or at least, in the Dnieper branch of Hogwarts.

And all because of an unusual “tender” guests, who settled on a tree near the local kindergarten a few weeks ago. Local first could not believe their eyes when they saw about two dozen owls, who settled in the neighborhood.

The day birds half asleep, waiting for night hunting, so happy to give to photograph them. To his players, the people are careful, making sure the neighborhood kids they were not worried about themselves and not come close. Still, thanks to long-eared owls in the yard almost excursions lead. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Tree with owls we have as a Museum piece – joking residents of the left Bank. – A real landmark.

Ornithologists suggest birds not to be disturbed and to give them safely through the winter.

– We have approximately 30-40 places of wintering long-eared owl, – said the ornithologist Alexander Ponomarenko. – Where they congregate in groups of 100-250 individuals. In this case, someone had disturbed the owls on the traditional wintering grounds: either caught or shot. Therefore, the birds were divided into small groups and spend the winter as they can. They hunt in the twilight, in the evening and early morning. Day birds difficult to navigate. Owls gather together because it is easier to recognize the danger.

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