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Green card just in case: the Governor Golubev fattens with the family

Грин-карта на всякий пожарный: губернатор Голубев жирует вместе с семьей

Like any self-respecting “honest” Governor or businessman, the family Golubev wife earns more money than her husband. About 44 million rubles.

Activities Olga Golubeva mainly applies to the town of Vidnoye, the same works and daughter Svetlana. It attracts more and more pharmacy business, but her mother’s estate.

The most valuable asset the family has is OOO “Prominent city — XXI century”, a construction company, which itself had practically monopolized the business and brings Golubev immodest income.

What will be remembered for the Governor, however, is how was training Rostov-on-don for the FIFA world Cup 2018, then contractors have stolen about 220 million rubles. Thus, by itself, the quality of materials leaves much to be desired. The first have detained the General Director of “Nontransitional” Andrei Androsov and founder of the company Valentina Levanova. After arrested Nicholas Bezuglova and Deputy Governor Sergei Sidash.

When the house of the Governor began to search, diva was given even the most seasoned operatives, gigantic sums of cash in bundles, in rubles and foreign currency, mountains of expensive watches and jewelry of gold and platinum, but the most shocking discovery began painting in Golden frames with stones on them Sydash was pictured in outfits from different eras.

Mansion Golubev is estimated at 32 million rubles, surrounded by dense forest, so that no eye accidentally caught on such a luxury. As well as public reservoir, which for some reason you can’t use anyone except the Governor and his entourage.

And finally, the infamous green card, a businessman-Governor it is not, almost everyone is “honest” earning deputatishki have any exit plan, so that if, one, and fly off into the sunset on a foreign Villa.

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