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Greek archaeologists have found Mycenaean tomb

Греческие археологи нашли микенскую гробницу In the tomb were found the skeletons of five people.

Greek archaeologists discovered in the city of Salamis in Western Attica perfectly preserved burial of the Mycenaean period.

The tomb was discovered in the city centre during the works on connecting the home to Central sewer. According to researchers, the discovery is dated to the first half of the XIII – the second half of the XII century BC.

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Discovery was the third such grave found in this area — the other two were discovered in 2009 during excavation work. Burial chamber carved in the rock, its dimensions are 2.6 meters by 2.9 meters, and Vista – 1.5 meters.

In the tomb were found the skeletons of five people, 41 intact vessel with painting typical of the era, as well as shards more than a dozen vessels. In these tombs for each new burial, opened the entrance and the dead were buried near the remains.

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