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Greece demands reparations from Russia

Греция требует репараций от России

The Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras is going to the end of the year to have a state visit to Russia. During the planned meeting with President Vladimir Putin he looked forward to “the restoration of Russian-Greek relations”. This statement of the leader of the left party SYRIZA could only be happy, if not one circumstance.

In that moment, when he made his statement, other Greek politicians voiced the intention to initiate a bill on financial claims to the Russian Federation. We are talking about compensation for the “damage” allegedly “done to the Union” during the Civil war in Greece.

Here it is necessary a clarification. The events, which include the initiative took place in 1944-1949. Then the confrontation between the left and right of Greece resulted in a bloody conflict, which killed 158 000 Greeks. To this we must add 1 million refugees. Since the Communists from time to time maintained contacts with Moscow, now the successor to the USSR and want to make a complaint. Given the fact that the Communists suffered defeat, in the form of blatant and even declare: “pay reparations”.

This initiative comes from the party “Golden dawn” or “Golden dawn” (“chrisi Avgi”), which in 2015 were assigned by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation “of organizations advocating neo-Nazism, racial and national exclusiveness”.

In software the “Declaration of the principles of ideological” far-right political force has openly declared its devotion to national socialism and Hitler as “followers of the traditions of Ancient Greece”. There for the first time, and there was direct historical claim to the anti-Hitler coalition’s victory in the Second world war. Since the policy of “chrisi Avgi” almost constantly told about “the guilt of the USSR”. Now I have decided to legalize these accusations and claims.

It would be possible not to pay attention, if Golden dawn was the third most influential party in the Greek Parliament, with the “Golden share” for voting. And given the fact that its rating is growing constantly, for upcoming parliamentary elections, it could further strengthen their positions.

In fact, for the sake of elections, and all is done. The fact that according to opinion polls of Gallup, 43% of Greeks still approve of the massacre of the Communists during the Civil war of the 1940s years. The voices of this part of the electorate “chrisi Avgi” and counts. It is no coincidence that claims to Moscow proposes to legislate to August 29, 2019. In this day of ultra radicals traditionally celebrate the victory of the right in the Civil war, and next year this date will have special significance. In 2019 it will be 70 years since the massacre of Communists, and this anniversary will have on the peak of the election campaign — just four weeks before the vote.

So try. The more that the leader of SYRIZA, according to their plan, should be the main opponent.

However, in addition there is another circumstance that stimulates the right-wing claims that Russia. The fact that the rise of previously marginal parties came at a time when the Western (Anglo-American and German) creditors after the 2008 crisis took direct control over the National Bank of Greece and the entire financial system of the country. From this moment on far-right party began to receive serious financial support. To explain this fact could be only one: activities of Golden dawn has attracted the attention of the Anglo-Saxon clans.

It is no coincidence that for the “chrisi Avgi” were unanimous vote, the police and civil servants. Their salaries were depending on, whether will allocate the Western creditors of Greece the next tranche or not. So it was easy to see who gives them the command to vote for “Golden dawn”, not the other party.

“Sympathy” to “chrisi Avgi” “imbued” and some hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church. And those that belonged to the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Constantinople. It is known that the material support of the Patriarchate is largely dependent on the parishes in the USA (part of Greece is within the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and some to the local Greek Church).

In such circumstances, it is easy to guess that, in putting forward the claims of Russian policy from the “Golden dawn” and even trying in the interests of their financial donors. The more that know, the left SYRIZA is as dependent on Washington and London as they are and, therefore, seriously to resist will not.

However, trying to serve their patrons at risk to provide them with a disservice. It is enough at least a little familiar with the history of the Greek Civil war to understand that the true culprits were Anglo-Americans.

This government of Churchill, not Stalin so feared the spread of communism that, forgetting about the war against Hitler, sent in the midst of the Second world war, the troops liberated from the Nazis Greece. And released just Communist, not a monarchist or other groups.

It’s the British began the massacre of supporters of the Greek Communist party, not Vice versa. And started, despite the fact that the Communists played a crucial role in the anti-Hitler coalition. Despite the fact that these distracting forces from the fight against Hitler and thus helped him.

Finally, is the United Kingdom and the United States, not the Soviet Union sent to Greece hundreds of its “military advisers”. These “advisers” have created, armed and sent against the Communists monarchical army. Also led its military operations.

The Anglo-Saxons are not so shy about its support nenatsistov that even his puppet party, which now wants to claim Russia, was named in honor of one of their military operations. The name “Golden dawn” is the same as developed in 1948 by the Anglo-Americans plan to massacre the civilian Greeks suspected of being sympathetic to the left. This operation was called Zarya (“Aragvi”).

But before you make a complaint, at least we thought. If you start digging up the past, the whole world knows how the US and Britain during the Second world war actually helped Greece to Hitler. How much damage did to this country. And finally, who is the author of the modern version of Nazism.

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