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Great jokes, able to dispel the autumn Blues

Отличные анекдоты, способные развеять осеннюю хандруBoost your good mood.

Portion of positive emotions, which certainly charge you a good mood for the whole day. The best jokes network specifically for you.

Umbrella – it protects from the rain. When he’s with you – it won’t rain!


Place – the only place where people are afraid of each other to lose.


Lived the father of 3 sons. And their apartments passed.


In the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” for the fifth time in a row won by the sewer of the city.


– Hello, is this phone sex?

– No, what did you expect?


Tricks of the trade. If you run out of itching ointment, do not rush to throw away the tube. Its a very convenient area to itch!


– Open the fridge and there is a bowling alley.

– It’s like?!

– The ball rolled…


– Darling, soon comes my favorite mother-in-law, you can say… my second mother. And I have nothing to wear…

With trump gone, the infection!


– Good day, Tetiana! I Nadka…

– Good day, Nadkami!


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