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Great harm: the doctors told about the danger of toilet paper

Огромный вред: медики рассказали об опасности туалетной бумагиWestern doctors are against the use of toilet paper.

Perhaps one thinks toilet paper is indispensable in life, but Western experts in the field of medicine publicly took the view that its use should be abandoned because it is better for health.

The use of toilet paper has a negative impact on people’s health. In addition, it is actually unsanitary, said the researchers.

The British edition of The Sun gave an interview to the author of the book “the Big necessity” rose George, serving with the concept of denial of toilet paper.

“You take a shower, not just wiped with a dry towel. Why do you think that dry toilet paper is able to clean?” said rose George.

According to experts, the use of toilet paper is associated with an increased risk of developing a urinary tract infection and anal fissures. Much better after visiting the toilet to use the bidet or wet wipes, are designed to care for the child.

Another specialist, a gastroenterologist Partha Nandi, also supported the view that after visiting the toilet does not need to dry the paper and to resort to ablution the necessary organs.

“Using a bidet instead of toilet paper reduces the risk of development of hemorrhoids which are sometimes triggered by too intense friction,” explained the doctor your point of view.

Prior to that, Western experts pointed to the risk from using toilet paper with different flavors. Usually prefer a paper, believing that it will improve the smell coming from the lower body. But scientists warned of flavored paper contains chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions and contribute to the growth of bacteria and fungi. At the same time the experts noted that in most of the varieties of this toilet paper is present formaldehyde – a substance which has long been evaluated by science as one of the chemical components that trigger cancer.

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