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Great danger: the programmer has recognized the threat of artificial intelligence

Огромная опасность: программист признал угрозу искусственного интеллектаPreviously, he was skeptical, now this idea no longer seems strange.

British programmer Demis, Hassabis long worked in the gaming industry before he began developing artificial intelligence. He worked in the Studio over the Lionhead God game Black & White, and after his departure from there founded an independent Studio. In 2010, he fully dedicated himself to science and founded the company DeepMind, which has become advanced in the field of building algorithms.

For the past two years, the company name is often glimpsed in the news headlines due to the fact that its an artificial intelligence named AlphaGo defeated the strongest professional player in the go – Ke Jie (Jié Kē). Th is considered to be one of the most complex logic Board games in the world.

At the session of questions and answers, which was held recently at University College London, Hassabis said: “There are many interesting and rather complex philosophical questions we have to answer. For example, how to manage these systems? What value do we attach? Why do we need them?”

He also added that, in his opinion, artificial intelligence will be one of the most useful technologies for humankind but at the same time noted that it carries certain risks. “It all depends on how society decides to use it, because the consequences can be both good and bad,” said Hassabis.

Recall that after the significant success of the company in 2014 was acquired by Google for 400 million pounds. But DeepMind, although technically is part of a larger conglomerate, retains relative independence. For example, she was going to use the technology of machine learning for the diagnosis of eye disease.

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