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Grapefruit juice is dangerous to health

Сок грейпфрута опасный для здоровьяScientists advise to avoid health problems do not consume grapefruit juice during illness.

Canadian scientists have shown that the combination of grapefruit juice with some medications can result in death.

Experts have even compiled a list of 43 drugs, which in any case can not be combined with this drink.

It should be clarified that the danger of this juice is the content of furanokumariny, preventing the normal process of dissolution of tablets as well as increase toxicity of drugs and alter their effects on the body.

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As with other types of citrus fruits such as lemon, Mandarin, pomelo, they are also somewhat dangerous. The least dangerous are certain varieties of sweet oranges.

To avoid unpleasant cases, the researchers urge all people to wash down the pills with warm water, while at the same time note that the risk of death from grapefruit juice and medications is extremely low.

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