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Grantees do not save gas – Cabinet

Получатели субсидий не экономят газ, - КабминReceiving a grant Ukrainians consume almost twice more gas than those who have no benefits, calculated in the Cabinet.

The people of Ukraine who receive the subsidy consume almost twice more gas than those who do not have such privileges. This was stated by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko during communication with journalists on Friday, January 18.

“We now have data on the consumers who do not receive subsidies and consumers who receive subsidies. And gas consumption, particularly among the population that receives subsidies, about 1.8-2 times higher than that of non-subsidized people. This means that where a person fully pays for gas, it includes the mechanism of its own economy”, – explained the official.

At the same time, Rozenko promised that the Cabinet will not restrict anyone in the grant.

“We just give people a mechanism that they felt their interest in that energy you can use, and the savings from the consumption of electricity, gas they can use for their own needs,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

When speaking on the monetization of subsidies, he stated that this mechanism is complex and has its own risks. In particular, Rozenko noted the possibility that people who receive cash as subsidies, can not pay them for utilities. To exclude such cases, the government intends in the next month to develop certain measures and approve them by resolution.

“And from March 1, people will get the first funds for subsidies,” said Rozenko.

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