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Grandson Andrei Mironov decided to become an actor

Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актеромThe guy got the lead role.

Grandson Andrei Mironov continues star the dynasty: the other day it became known that the 25-year-old newbie actor got the main role in a large project. Perhaps Andrey Udalov will soon become equally popular and successful than his famous relatives. Tell more about the talented heir to a Soviet actor of theater and cinema.


Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером

Andrey Udalov (Mironov) — the son of actress Maria Mironova and television businessman and President of TV World Fashion Channel Russia Igor Udalova. He was born June 4, 1992 in Moscow. Andrew’s parents divorced seven years later after the wedding.

Mary gave birth to a son almost immediately after admission to the Shchukin school. As recognized herself an actress, helped her to bring Andrew nurse, because she was too young and spent all his time studying.

Andrei Mironov did not catch the birth of a grandson: the actor has died on 47-m to year of life in the five years before the birth of the baby.

Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером


Grandson Mironov from a young age began to show a strong character and chose the profession for themselves. After school Andrew said he will enter MGUU (Moscow city Government University of management Moscow) at the Department of socio-cultural activities. Mom gave him complete freedom of choice:

“I said, “Well, well… Nice… Go for it,” — admitted in an interview with Maria Mironova.

And yet they took their genes: Andrew studied at the University year and left, saying that he wanted to become an artist.

Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером
Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером

Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером
Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером

Theatre and cinema

In 2014, the grandson Andrei Mironov graduated from the T. im. Shchukin (workshop of Vladimir Ivanov). In 2015 he was accepted into the troupe Theater. Vakhtangov.

“I wanted to work in the Vakhtangov theatre. By the way, the grandfather of Andrew, too, wanted to work there, but it was not accepted”, — told Vadim Wernick, the grandson of a Soviet actor.

Currently Andrey works in the first for his big project: the young man was offered the main role in the film. Before that an aspiring actor only appeared in the episodes. The proud mom told us a little bit about the new role of the son:

“The first day of shooting! The main role! A huge project! Russian “Titanic”. With God, son! Leonardo DiCaprio will finally send on the deserved rest” — wrote on his page in Instagram Mironov.

Learn more about the new project we learn, hopefully, later. While no further information.

Personal life

Personal life Andrew is also all right: he’s already six years Dating a girl named Xenia. Couple met eight years ago when both went to the University management. The girl and her lover, left the Institute without completing law school. Now she is studying in Moscow architectural Institute as an architect.

Andrew admitted that is ready for family life, and soon beloved get married.

Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером
Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером
Внук Андрея Миронова решил стать актером

The love of art

Andrew is well versed in painting, and this is the merit of his mother: Mary often drove his son to museums. Have Udalova is top 5 artists: Brueghel, Rembrandt, Goya, Renoir and Bosch.

“And although the amount of impressions I like the Brueghel, my favorite painting — “the prodigal son” by Rembrandt, — told the magazine OK! actor.

Social network users look forward to the appearance of Andrew on the big screen and wish him success.

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