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Grandiose buildings that nobody uses. Photo

Грандиозные сооружения, которыми сейчас никто не пользуется. ФотоThey are now abandoned.

People always build something for their needs. For this reason, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a considerable portion of these, often unique, facilities ultimately is abandoned. Periodically among such architectural “dinosaurs” across the design and is unique in its kind, Grand and majestic. In this review, the most interesting of them.

1. Fort Red Sands

Грандиозные сооружения, которыми сейчас никто не пользуется. Фото

In 1942, the UK has built a network of coastal fortifications, which allowed to control the air (shoot down Luftwaffe airplanes), as well as to the observation of the German vessels at sea in the first place – mine-sweepers. This system of fortifications called “FORTS Munsell”. Most of the buildings resembles an oil platform, however, Fort red Sands differs from most of erected fortifications.

In 50-e years of the last century FORTS cheated. Because they were outside the jurisdiction of the UK, very rapidly they captured the “radio pirate”, which is created for platform red Sands radio station began to broadcast funny broadcast full of obscene expressions is forbidden to broadcast music to the British airwaves.

2. Mountain drifter Bagger 258

Грандиозные сооружения, которыми сейчас никто не пользуется. Фото

Going to the countryside between Berlin and Dresden, you can stumble upon a huge machine Bagger 258 – a descendant of German industrialization, which today peacefully is near the town of Schipkau. What is it? This giant machine for strip mines and coal production. Installation works on the track rod. Its progress from place to place was a Grand event indeed. The car weighs 3,850 tons. Miners called it the “Blue wonder” because of the soothing blue colours of the case.

Stopped Bagger 258 was in 2002. Near the car there is no known reserves of coal, and to dismantle and dispose of the giant miner has been undertaking too costly even for Germany. Thus, while the 258-Oh plays the role of the local attractions.

3. Missile base Nekoma

Грандиозные сооружения, которыми сейчас никто не пользуется. Фото

In the United States, in North Dakota, 15 miles from the border with Canada, in this American wilderness there is a town Nekoma. The place is so “dumb” that the settlement even filling stations for cars no. If you go to wander around the local neighborhoods, there is a chance to stumble into the territory fenced. He will be truncated at the top of the pyramid. The structure is very mysterious and even a little frightening.

The thing is that Nekama is an abandoned military base. Here today can penetrate anyone. Once there was a working mine with nuclear missiles, ready at any moment to strike at China and the USSR. This database is a (once) one of the first objects of NMD the United States. It housed radar Safeguard – the most perfect of those invented by the Americans.

4. Station eavesdropping Teufelsberg

Грандиозные сооружения, которыми сейчас никто не пользуется. Фото

In the West of Berlin there is a hill and on the hill are here are mysterious buildings with domes. Once there was a technical College, built by the Nazis before the war. After the war Teufelsberg the locals have turned into a landfill, and in the years of the cold war, a place of interest to the Americans. It turned out that these hills very well listened radio broadcasts to Communist countries not only in the Eastern part of Berlin, but even in Prague. So the hills appeared the radar station, which was built in the 60-ies of the last century. The object was part of a secret project “Echelon”.

5. Dam Vajont

Грандиозные сооружения, которыми сейчас никто не пользуется. Фото

Longarone is quite typical, a little remarkable at first glance, the settlement of the Italian province of Belluno. Snowy mountains, perfect roads, neat houses. The idyll is broken only a huge concrete wall, embedded in the rock. However, this is not a wall, a dam, which was designed in 1920. To build the dam began in 1957 at the backdrop of the economic boom. The work was completed by 1960. The height of the structure made up of 262 meters.

Due to errors in the calculations of engineers, happened here the largest man-made tsunami. In 1963 occurred the falling of the mountains in the reservoir, resulting from it rose a wave height of 90 meters. She swept off the face of the earth Longarone and several neighboring villages. This accident killed about 3 thousand people.

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