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Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru decided to live in England

Внучка Софии Ротару решила жить в АнглииSofia Yevdokymenko said about your Hobbies and where I will continue to learn.

16-year-old model, granddaughter of the famous 69-year-old Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru in an interview told about how it all manages.

And what are her plans for the near future.

I Wake up at seven in the morning every day and be sure to drink a glass of warm water with lemon. Then – a light Breakfast and the way. Food to take with me, so on the big change, arrange a second Breakfast. Now I live in Kiev, but the following year moved to England, where he entered the school,“ said Sonya.

According to the girl, she has a lot to do and so she likes to plan everything in advance. In particular Sonya takes a lot of time on vocal lessons with me three times a week. These classes I diluted Pilates, horse riding and dancing.

“It’s important for me to plan everything in advance. Even for a manicure and pedicure I recorded about a month. This also applies to study — I don’t leave jobs on the weekend to find time to meet with friends. All my Hobbies develop in me qualities related to their future profession. I have already graduated from music school, but continue to go to classes in piano twice a week.”

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