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GPU showed as he worked the scheme Klimenko. Video

ГПУ показала, как работали схемы Клименко. ВидеоGeneral Prosecutor’s office published the current results of the investigation of former Minister Oleksandr Klymenko.

The criminal organization headed by the ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko has harmed the Ukrainian government in the amount of almost UAH 96 billion. This reports the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

“We are talking about organizations in the regions of Ukraine the so-called tax areas, which minimized tax revenues to the budget of the subjects of the real sector of the economy. In fact, they served as conversion centers for the withdrawal of constituent entities of the real sector of the economy and enrichment of officials of tax service”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

The services of the so called tax (or “software companies”) accounted for approximately 10% of the total amount of which is at 6.67% were directed to the budget and the rest to local law enforcement, which are not recorded violations of the tax legislation, as well as in the Ministry of revenue and duties of Ukraine, which operated a special Department for supervision over the work of these tax areas. The Department was on a separate floor of the Ministry and had only limited access. It is worth noting that the money to the Department according to reports, went in cash but were not recorded in official documents, registers, Bank accounts, offices and the like.

The Prosecutor’s office indicate that although the “tax courts” was the name of the state program, none of them belonged to the state. All of them were controlled by individuals, contributed to a criminal organization. Is defined in the legislation, 20% of the tax to the real sector of the economy, the budget of Ukraine received only at 6.67% (and later, generally 1.5%). So the budget of Ukraine has lost 96 billion UAH, at the exchange rate at that time was about $12 billion.

Today the suspicion is declared 46 persons, among them – the heads of regional tax, and the ex-Minister of incomes and fees Klymenko. Detained 9 people, 18 people are under pledge.

Seized property Klimenko and its affiliated companies in the amount of 6 billion UAH, assets other suspects in the amount of 900 million UAH.

Among the arrested property-related Klimenko structures: two houses and three plots of land totaling almost 140 million UAH, apartment in the city center cost more than 20 million UAH, commercial premises in the business center Gulliver value of 245 million, the Department store in Donetsk cost more than 229 million. The investigation is ongoing.

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