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Government agencies of Belarus work on the modern racketeers

Как госорганы Беларуси работают на современных рэкетиров

Existing in Belarus stiff penalties not only created grounds for the flourishing illicit business of extortion, but also set up regulatory authorities at the service of this criminal business.

Как госорганы Беларуси работают на современных рэкетиров

Those who found the dashing 90-s remembers that the most common criminal business then was the racket. The guys in “sweat pants” did not produce anything and nothing is sold. They were just parasitic on the fear entrepreneurs before besperedela chap. After all, if we do not unfasten the lads a certain amount of money, tomorrow may lose much more: the car, apartment, health or life.

Many believe that those days are long gone, and today, racketeer in the afternoon with fire not find. In fact it is not.

Along with transformed the Belarusian society has changed and racketeers. Rather, they not just changed, they evolved from inflated lads, fragile women and intelligent men. And sweatpants are gone. Today’s racketeers go in a respectable suit and not with bats under his arm, and with the current normative. Now to exert pressure on recalcitrant businessmen they used brute force, and the rule of law and the competence of the state bodies. While very popular in modern “lads” is the retail trade in food products.

In Belarus there are very stiff penalties for violation of sanitary norms related to the sale of goods with expired shelf life. The minimum penalty is 30 basic units (690 rubles), even if it was only one packet of biscuits at a price of 50 cents. Even if the shelf life has expired just yesterday, the state sanitary and repressive ruthless here, albeit legitimate – the penalty can not be avoided. The maximum penalty can be for shop 500 basic units (11500 rubles).

Probably, for anybody not a secret that 80 grocery stores from 100, if desired, can always be found in the implementation of the expired goods. For the most part it happens because even in small retail facility 200 sq. m. located in the implementation of several thousands of units and work no more than 10 people. Whatever good faith was not specified employees, as it did not aim them head on observance of sanitary standards, we can not guarantee that the store at some point will not be in the trading hall of expired goods.

Modern racketeers who are now divorced no less than in the dashing 90-ies, just use the above nuances of the implementation in Belarus of retail trade. They just go to any grocery store to find some expired goods, and punch it through the cashier. Then you need to take a picture of your receipt and the product, and then to declare the administration an ultimatum: either the store (or sellers) unfasten the racketeer certain amount in the region of 300-400 rubles or sanitation center sent the complaint upon the sale of the store expired goods, with a probability of 99% is punishable by a fine in the above sizes. And to give appropriate lease legal racketeers offer to contribute money to the account of any company “Horns and hoofs” for allegedly training seminar. Of course, the human psyche is set up so that of two evils choose the lesser often. The legalization prestuplenij income racketeers of the twenty-first century only works in Minsk or a dozen such open company “Horns and hoofs”.

It is clear that no workshops open company “Horns and hoofs” is not carried out. Usually in a listed criminal, OOO a team of 3-4 people who just shops do this kind of extortion.

Some racketeers evolved, evolved more than others. For a long time to walk around the store and not to seek out expired goods (it can not find, besides, to arouse the suspicion of store employees who won’t beep at the register), the most developed racketeers do easier and bolder. They buy the product, shelf life is not expired and quietly leave. Then they come back with the same product a week later and again punched him over the counter. Try here then prove sanitary station that you have not been in the sale of this product, which you have previously received an invoice from the vendor.

However, the uniqueness of this situation in this strange evolution of racketeers and their criminal business. The uniqueness of the situation is that this business of extortion of public money, working almost all the territorial authorities of the center of hygiene and epidemiology (establishments of public health), particularly in Minsk. After all, if the store refuses to pay for fictitious seminars, on behalf of a natural person (supposedly a consumer) in establishments of public health sent a complaint about the implementation of the store of expired products. And establishments of public health in accordance with the law is forced to consider such complaints, as the complaints of disgruntled consumers, swiping the real check on them. As a result of most of these checks, a business entity shall be penalized in the above sizes. After that many Directors магазинов100 times will think before the next time to deny the racketeers.

About the activities of these racketeers know in establishments of public health and the interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s office, and in March, but can not do anything. Or at least I thought so at first, but now I think I can, but just don’t want to. For some reason, I don’t know. Probably just laziness, and maybe there is some interest.

Because like it or not, the actions of modern racketeering is clearly smells of extortion, that is, fall under qualification of article 208 of the Criminal code of Belarus (transfer of property or rights to property or commit any actions of property character under the threat of announcement of the information they wish to keep secret). In addition, making the proceeds of crime, the appearance of legitimacy as supposedly derived from the provision of services on training, qualifies the criminal code, as the legalization of criminal proceeds (article 235 of the Criminal code of Belarus).

However, independent attempts by some retail agents to give the criminal code in the hands of extortionists, came to nothing, mainly due to the same law enforcement agencies. For example, in one case, when installed in a retail facility of the cameras was recorded the fact that the goods with expired shelf life was planted a racketeer, police said that the video can’t be evidence, because the person concerned has not sought consent to the production of this record.

In another case, in response to the statement that a racketeer demanded to pay money for bogus seminar under threat in establishments of public health messages about detected to store the delay, the investigator in the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case in particular wrote that after the arrival of the police, the relevant woman “behaved politely, and cultural and any threats to the address of the store employees did not”.

But it’s not so much the strange results of consideration by law enforcement statements of the entities of retail, but in the absence of any initiative on the part of the power unit, to solve the problem.

After all, law enforcement is enough to show at least 10% of the ingenuity and competence, which is the police of the Russian series, and the problem would be solved. You can spend total check of all of these company “Horns and hoofs” and to reveal that any services really are, and all the acts are fake. You can put to wiretap phones 3-4 most active racketeers whose names can easily be called to any territorial establishments of public health or in any commercial network. You can conduct searches, detention for 3 days and so on and so forth. In the end, you can just change the legislative framework.

You can do a lot. It would be a desire, and it is no reason. Perhaps because the problem is the top is not delivered. The police have so much to do on the instructions of the government and the President to fight corruption, “pilferers” during the harvest to catch, with failures in the modernization of enterprises, to understand the registry many to pick… but still a lot of things, and on the head Pat and give the award. And here not the fact that praise, and the neck of the shovel can be easily for the fact that I found a new problem. Now, if the President will prescribe another pill of professional impotence, then just stir. The way we do.

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