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Gossip found out when model Irina Shayk will give birth to the firstborn


Already for anybody not a secret that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk expecting. Despite the situation, the model continues to lead an active life. At a fashion show Victoria’s Secret in Paris, she showed perfect figure, carefully hiding her belly under the blouse.


According to rumors, the celebrity couple has managed to choose a name for your firstborn. In 2011, his father died Cooper, whom the actor was very fond, and he would like to name the baby after him. And if it’s a boy it will be called Charles. Insiders said that Bradley is excited about the idea soon to become a father.

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Close to Irina people have reported that the future heir of the actor has already been popularly nicknamed the “mini Cooper”, will be born in may-June 2017.


Recall, the couple has already planned a family trip to a tropical country for the winter holidays. Celebrity you want to invite relatives and close friends. Fans make the bold assumption that Iran and Bradley will play a wedding there.

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