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Google will soon enjoy the new version of Android

Google вскоре порадует новой версией AndroidThe new version of Android will double performance

Became aware of the fact that Google soon will give mobile device users a new release of the operating system Android Oreo. This system is currently in beta development and will be released at the end of the year.

It is reported that the new version of Android will double performance and users will appreciate some of the new features and technological gadgets that, on the assurance of the marketing Department of Google, will make a new version of the system is significantly more popular than all previous versions. Some lucky users have already managed to look at the performance of Android Oreo.

For example, users of certain devices from Google, such as Pixel – now I can try out on their devices the beta version of Oreo. Experts note that the new version of the operating system will allow you to charge devices twice as fast as normal and even longer to keep longer battery life thanks to the finely tuned profile of energy conservation. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And for lovers of emojis there are new templates Emoji, which according to the developers, “no one can remain indifferent”. In addition to these innovations, the developers also noted special shooting mode “picture-in-picture”, however new details on it yet.

In addition, the new version of Android will bring another opportunity to your shell – from now on, users will be able to use and access the application, opening only preview them. Experts note that such an approach will allow to significantly save on energy costs and extend the work of the smartphone or tablet for a few hours. The same applies to third-party application activity in the background – Oreo will be even more eager to follow her, promptly closing unnecessary and unused apps for a long time, however, the user will be able to configure all the details.

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