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Google will increase the cost of smartphones

Google увеличит себестоимость смартфоновAndroid smartphones are much more expensive

Google is going to take money from manufacturers of Android smartphones for the installation of its services and applications. Website The Verge has received a document, where are the prices.

The license cost will differ depending on the graphics screen density:

More than 500 ppi – $ 40
400-500 ppi – $ 20
At least 400 ppi – $ 10
Smartphones low class – $ 2.5

As it will increase the cost of smartphones. Graphic density was probably chosen as the primary metric class of the device: the higher it is, the more expensive the smartphone and the less sensitive the share of software licenses in its retail price. Manufacturers will not pay this fee, but then they will have to refuse the setting of the Play Store, YouTube, Maps, and other Google apps.

Google will take a license fee only on smartphones shipped to Europe, but it is likely that producers will raise the price of the device for all countries that the increase was not too strong.

In July 2018, the European Commission fined Google for 4.3 billion euros for what the company says device manufacturers to Android, which apps should be preinstalled and what not to install. Google is going to appeal the decision.

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