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Google warned of the dangerous Android updates

В Google предупредили об опасных обновлениях AndroidGoogle’s Director for security of the Android platform gave the details.

Google leads the development of radically new tools to protect Android from external attacks, which will bring the operating system to a new level by the degree of provided security. This was stated by Rene Mayrhofer, Google’s Director for security of the Android platform. According to him, this must be done if American intelligence agencies will try to force a company to provide a backdoor, which was allowed them to establish surveillance for Android users.

Mayrhofer said he feared that U.S. law enforcement can turn to Google with the same request, with which they have previously turned to Apple. It was to implement the operating system specific tools that would allow to remotely seizure data to track users and read their messages and listen to them make and accept phone calls.

В Google предупредили об опасных обновлениях Android

What is a malicious Android updates

According to Mayrhofer, Google has already taken several measures to prevent remote hacking Android even with the use of compromised updates. To do this in Android 9 Pie tool has been implemented for the protection from the updates after you download are isolated to the operating system until the user expresses consent for the installation of the update. This was done in case the security services still will force Google to implement a backdoor.

From the words Mayrhofer is not clear how effective this method of protection, but one thing is for sure – Google is seriously concerned about the security of users. Personally, I think that allowing yourself to openly discuss topics such as coercion of intelligence agencies to cooperate, Google actually warns its clients that in the near future, their device can be carried out remote attacks on the part of law enforcement.

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