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Google wants to find the best alternative to Android

Google хочет найти выгодную альтернативу AndroidThe system is called KaiOS.

When a project employs people and it has great potential for development and need investors, because without them to make a really interesting product to the mass market will not work, as well as to bring it to mind, although there are rare exceptions.

Google today, 28 June 2018, have put a lot of money in the simplified replacement of Android, which goes by the name KaiOS, and it is meant for keypad mobile. Operating system KaiOS was created a year ago.

It is based on Firefox OS, which was created for the Internet of things, but where in February of 2017, the company Mozilla, its parent, put a cross. In the end, on the basis of its open and available to all source code, the development team gave birth to the new OS, which is designed for smartphones with push-button control.

It’s light, simple and easily scalable, and what is its uniqueness. Now meet the operating system KaiOS possible in many push-button phones, including the Nokia 3310 (2017) and Nokia 8110 4G Reloaded. Also there are several devices from Micromax and TCL.

Google realized that this OS has a chance to complete the conquest of the mobile market, so it invested a lot of money in its development, and to be precise, the $22 million dollars. This is a very impressive amount of money for such a product. The main feature of KaiOS in that it allows to implement on other games that support social networks, instant messengers and other things needed by a modern user.

Due to the monetary investment, Google plans to make a simplified version of Android even more popular and widespread.

Previously, she also supported her that was created specifically for push mobile devices voice assistant, Google Assistant, which already can use, for example, owners of Nokia 8110 4G Reloaded.

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