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Google secretly changed the privacy policy

Google тайно изменила политику конфиденциальностиThe Corporation changed the terms of use of its services.

Google changed the privacy policies of its services invisibly to the account holders. From now on, the history browser can be comparable with the personal data of the owner of the Google account.

Resource the Nex Web reports that when Google bought the ad network DoubleClick in 2007, the company’s founder Sergey Brin claimed that privacy will be for the search giant’s “number one priority in the implementation of promotional products.”

Worked as DoubleClick recent years? For nearly a decade, the database DoubleClick to view web pages were stored separately from personal information that Google received from Gmail and other accounts.

When Google changed their privacy policy? But as it turned out, in the summer of 2018, the Corporation changed the terms of use of its services. According to the updated privacy policy, browsing history of the browser can be equated to the personal data of the account holder Google. Designed so a detailed “portrait” allows advertisers to show targeted ads based on the individual preferences of individual users.

The fact that the data DoubleClick were not associated with the information personally identifiable, was indeed an important argument. It was the border wall between surveillance and maintaining a semblance of privacy. And she just fell ,– said the Director of the faculty of privacy and technology, Georgetown law Center, Gender Ohms.

Why Google changed their privacy policy? A Google spokesperson Andrea Favel issued a statement describing the change in Google privacy policy as the need to adapt to the “smartphone revolution”.

“We have updated our advertising system and its related controls to match how people use Google today: on many different devices. The change is optional. If users do not subscribe to these changes, their experience of using Google services will remain unchanged,” – said Pavel.

How to protect your data? To discard changes, you must log in to your Google account and disable personalization advertising and tracking options “menu data and personalization”.

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