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Google Pixel passed the test for water resistance

Google Pixel прошел тест на водонепроницаемостьThe smartphone has remained unscathed and has retained its former functionality.

Equip flagship smartphones one IP standards, preventing penetration into the body of water and dust, has long been the unofficial standard for most modern manufacturers.

Even Google rarely pay attention to the competitors, recently was not able to resist the General trend. ?? Try to find out.

Despite the low expectations created by Google Pixel, that still managed to outdo himself in the test for water resistance. The device without any consequences for their own health spent under improvised rain, and subsequently lasted more than an hour, being fully immersed under water. According to the results of the test, the smartphone was left completely unscathed and has retained its former functionality.

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This result looks rather obvious and was correlated with the ability of more resistant to moisture penetration of smartphones. Some time ago we told you that the standard IP53 is one of the least protected and equipped with devices able to withstand only an indirect spray and a certain amount of dust. It is possible that the smartphone could behave less bravely if subjected to dive to a greater depth.

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