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Google launched the Street View function on the ISS

Google запустил функцию Street View на МКСGoogle has launched a new feature in honor of the 48 th anniversary of the landing of the spaceship “Apollo-11” on the moon.

For the first time ever, Google has put on the map service Google Street View panorama of the ISS.

Shooting for the project within six months was conducted by the European space Agency astronaut Thomas Sand.

The developers note that during this mission was first made pictures of the Street View outside of the planet Earth. Also, the first to pictures have been added of annotation, which helps the user better understand what is depicted in the photo, and give additional explanation.

“We eliminated a lot of problems prior to collection of final images that you see today in Street View. ISS has the technical equipment on the entire surface, with a large number of cables and complex circuit modules in all directions,” – said Sands.

Google, together with experts from NASA have developed a method that allowed us to create pictures in microgravity using conventional SLR camera and other equipment on Board. Then images were combined into a panorama image on Earth.

“Six months I spent at the International space station, it is difficult to describe in words, and the feeling of being in space won’t give any picture,” admitted Sands.

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