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Google is crazy: amused weird phrases

Google сошел с ума: сервис развеселил странными фразами Ukrainians have found a new reason to smile.

Users have noticed that online translator Google Translate strangely translates from Mongolian into Russian.

So, if you try to translate a set of letters “aaaaaa” with the Mongolian, Ukrainian you will get the phrase “the day gunna”.

If “a bit less “ahhhh” you get the whole sentence “rest of my life, my life, my life….” Even shorter set “and” the software “TSE Garnier right”.

But the combination of the long”a” and “f” is translated “acconia”.

If to translate from Mongolian into Russian, the translation will be even worse. If you type a lot of letters “a” will get the translation of “All this good time. The next time one goes to the hospital, the hospital is EN route to the hospital.”

If you continue to add the letters “a”, the interpreter will give a “it’s over”, “dead dog” and “you need to put your finger on it”.

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