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Google is changing the search rules

Google меняет правила поискаGoogle has forbidden to change the domain search engine.

Google has decided to allow users to search for information in other regions, changing the domain search engine.

This feature was useful if you, for example, sought information about their country when they were abroad.

Earlier results for the same query might be different when you search google.de, google.com.ua google.co.uk etc. the Company explained the decision to remove the choice of top level domain that every fifth query is sensitive to location of the user and is extremely important to provide localized information.

Google are confident that this change will improve the “user experience with the search” because it will automatically provide “the most useful information based on their location”.

“So, if you live in Australia, you will automatically receive the search results for Australia. Arriving in New Zealand, you automatically switch to a regional version for New Zealand. Returning to Australia, again you’ll see search results for this region”, — explained at Google.

Reporters noted that in principle, the possibility to change your region search preferences in Google left. For this you need to change the “search Settings” at the bottom right of the start page of Google. However, the settings will have to change every time you will need the results from another country.

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