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Google has surprised users with a statement about anti-virus software

Google удивил пользователей заявлением про антивирусы Leading experts Google has surprised the public with a statement about the antiviruses.

In their opinion, the appropriate program is useless and not able to fully protect your computer from external intrusions.

Google developers also admitted that all big companies it has long been known, however, in wide circles, the fact of the futility of anti-virus software is not advertised, because it is a very profitable business selling this software brings millions of dollars. Antivirus software cannot protect your computer from hacker attacks and viruses, experts say Google.

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In particular, this is because they are always “one step behind” hacking programs and also the people themselves are often the perpetrators of destruction of computer with malicious software – they use other people’s untested flash drives, clicking suspicious links, put weak passwords and do not update the program.

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