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Google has patented an unusual notebook

Google запатентовала необычный ноутбукMore details emerged.

Google has patented a laptop with a “motorized” display, which can open, close and adjust the tilt of the owner.

The patent describes “laptop with motorsounds positioning display” that automatically lifts the lid and sets it in its working position, is the owner of a touch region display unit with built-in sensors. In production mode it takes the camera that tracks the position of the user’s head in order to tilt the screen at an optimum angle relative to his eyes. Thus the display will be able to choose the right position depending on whether a user moves closer or leaned back in his chair.

Moreover, if the camera “sees” that the user has disappeared from view, then the laptop will automatically close the lid so nobody else can take a peek at personal data of the owner.

The next time you open will require user authentication using a system similar to the Face ID in the Apple – if everything is in order and the laptop was opened by the owner, the system will provide access to the desktop, but if the laptop tries to open outside, then the laptop will simply remain in the locked position.

Google запатентовала необычный ноутбук

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