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Google has engaged in “manufacturing” hamburgers

Google занялся «приготовлением» гамбургеровFamous company “faced” sandwiches.

“The contest hamburgers” among the world’s largest manufacturers of digital gadgets and developers programmnogo ensure broke out from a simple comparison.

Who prepares “delicious” – Apple or Microsoft, Google or Facebook, – IT managers started to argue in earnest.

Actually, we are talking about “Emoji” – an image of a hamburger among other drawings are “complete” with smiles and other images that the user of the phone or social media inserts into the message text.

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Twitter community from all over the world come to discuss who have sesame a little, and one cheese “not there is”:

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“Huawei puts (I think) two pieces of lettuce, but no cheese. This is what I see.”

Google занялся «приготовлением» гамбургеров

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