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Google has added to Android’s hidden feature

Google добавила в Android скрытую функциюGoogle has added hidden option in all Android smartphones.

One of the most rich and famous worldwide corporations is Google that does everything for the sake of its proprietary software became more popular and in demand. For the thousands of developers constantly improve and implement new features..

Today, March 30, 2019, became aware of the fact that “the search giant” has added a hidden option in all Android smartphones, and it already can try out all comers, and users will remain happy with this innovation.

As it became known from the publication Trashbox, Google added a sneaky new feature in all smartphones based on Android, and to access it simply to update proprietary software through the store G Play. It is important to establish the Google version above, which is already available to residents of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and other regions of the world. Then, to test innovation, you need to disconnect from wifi, and deactivate the mobile Internet.

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This can be done by incorporating aviarium in the settings of your Android smartphone. After this you need to open Google and in search box write “Android Q”, then the program will report that “Mobile Internet is disabled”. To the left of this inscription is the picture you want click. It shows a cloud with an umbrella. Following this immediately activates a secret hidden ability, which nobody knew until this very moment. It is a game in the style Flappy Bird.

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To play this video game extremely simple, but it’s incredibly difficult to pass it. Need to maneuver between birds and clouds, avoiding collisions with them. Than at high altitude will go up, the more you will be able to score points. As more points the game speed, which has no specific name, increases, and this complicates the gameplay, because to make decisions, tapaya on the screen, you have instantly. Until this moment, nobody knew that Google built such a unique opportunity.

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