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Google has added free option

Google добавила бесплатную функциюGoogle made free cool chip YouTube Premium

In the YouTube app for Android has a completely free mode “picture-in-picture”, found out the developers from the portal of XDA.

Now able to view videos in a small window while performing unauthorized actions available to owners of devices based on Android Oreo and newer without a subscription YouTube Premium.

How to watch YouTube in the background

At the time of publication mode “picture-in-picture” is available only to visitors from the United States and several countries in North America. And since the support functions of the video playback window on top of other applications is only present in 8.0 Android Oreo, the audience of users who can access the innovation is further reduced.

Despite the fact that Google limits the availability of the mode “picture-in-picture” only the countries in North America, there is hope that soon he will get to Russia. Traditionally, the search giant rolls out the new functions of the corporate services incrementally, testing their performance and correcting possible shortcomings as distribution and feedback from users.

YouTube Premium YouTube Music

As shown, mode “picture-in-picture” on YouTube with all the videos, excluding music. This limitation is due to the fact that the ability to broadcast video and audio clips in the background is provided by hosting in a separate service called YouTube Music.

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