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Google has a new technical capability

В Google появилась новая техническая возможностьIn Google now you can quickly create documents

Google has launched several domains to quickly create documents in the services of “Google docs” and “Google Sites”.

The user needs to type the keyword and add to them .new. For example, the domain will open a text editor with a blank document.

Top-level domains are divided into two main types – General, such as .com and .org, and national, for example .EN. Despite the fact that General top-level domains were domains for organizations of a certain type, for example .edu for educational institutions, they were not enough and in fact they were used without reference to the type of site. At the end of 2000-ies ICAAN began exploring the idea of free registration of new generic top-level domains in 2013, she began to issue such domains, the number of which currently exceeds 1200 units.

Google, which already uses some of these domains, for example, placing your blog at the address found a rather unusual way to use top-level domains – she decided to bind to the domain web service. In fact, now the addresses in the area .new labels on the types of documents in the “docs” and “Google Sites”.

Google just announced the 15 addresses:, and for text documents;, and tables;, slides.the new and for presentations; and for web forms; as well as, and website.for new sites that are created with the help of service “Google Sites”. Domains that redirect the user to a particular service regardless of which browser he uses.

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