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Google forced to remove app for the separatists of Catalonia

Google заставили удалить приложение для сепаратистов КаталонииThe court decided to remove the app from virtual Google.

High court of justice of Catalonia ordered Internet group Google to remove from your virtual store app On Votar 1-Oct and all references to it.

According to the judges, this app is used by Catalan separatists to disseminate information about scheduled for October 1, the referendum on independence.

The judgment stresses that the presence of this application in the Google Play contrary to the September decision of the Spanish constitutional court to suspend the referendum in Catalonia at the time of considering its legality.

The court also ordered Google to block any new applications produced by the developer to address The Google branch in Spain has not yet commented on the ruling.

Previously, Spanish police seized about 2.5 million of 4 million ballots and envelopes for voting at the referendum on independence in one of the cities of Catalonia.

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