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Google “destroyed” Android tablet

Google «уничтожила» планшеты на AndroidGoogle still believes in a bright future for tablet PCs, but they will be on the OS Android.

As you know, in recent years the demand for tablet PC has become considerably less than, for example, 5 years ago.

It’s funny, but it was originally planned that the tablets are forced out of the market for such an obsolete form factor electronics, like laptops, but happened exactly the opposite – consumers have approved an opinion of the necessity of the laptop is stronger than before, but the tablet PC is now seen more as expensive toys.

It is worth noting one important caveat: demand for tablets from Apple is declining much slower than similar devices from any other company. All in iOS, which is special adapted for use on devices with large touch screen, which can not be said about Android which is not very suitable to work on devices of similar form factor.

Of course, Google is aware of everything happening, and recently the official website of the Android OS has been completely removed an entire section of the tablet. But if you think Google has decided that “not worth powder and shot”, then we hasten to reassure you: Google still believes in a bright future for tablet PCs, but with one important change – they will not be on the OS Android. Corporation good believes that Chrome OS is already Mature enough to fully replace the Android OS on tablets. Thus, if Apple just adapted for tablets iOS, Google created for them the whole operating system. Full, cool, comfortable and mega-functional.

Recall that among the other numerous advantages of Chrome OS has one real killer feature: it supports applications written not only for Android, but for Linux. As a demonstration of it even launched a Steam application. I think, at this point, “Apple tensed”.

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