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Google created a new Doodle about exoplanets, NASA open

Google создал новый дудл об экзопланетах, открытых NASAGoogle has dedicated a Doodle to the sensational statement of scientists about the seven planets where life is possible.

Google changed the standard screensaver in connection with the NASA discovery of seven exoplanets in the system of TRAPPIST-1.

On the new animated movie planet Earth and its moon the Moon look through a telescope and see the greeting from the seven new planets.

On a new method in his blog has responded to the representatives of NASA, the Agency that presented a massive opening in the evening of 22 February. “Have you seen the new Doodle? This is about the seven planets that are recently found,” tweeted NASA.

Because the newly discovered stars is relatively close to Earth – at a distance of 40 light years, astronomers can study the atmospheres of the planets found with relative ease. On assurances of scientists, three of the seven planet is located from its star in the so-called “habitable zone”.

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