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Google Chrome promises to eliminate your security problems

Google Chrome обещает устранить свои проблемы с безопасностьюThe next Google Chrome update will fix the scandalous exploits

Google announced, that will fix the Chrome browser in the next update to respond to users and experts safety concerns.

Earlier this week, many have discovered that Google automatically authorizes them in the browser if the user is logged into one of Google’s services. Soon the developer of Chrome has reacted to the scandal, explaining that the browser does not load the user data on Google servers.

In version 70 Chrome users can enable and disable the automatic logon feature. Thus, the user can control the process. Also, the developers change the interface to information about the input and synchronization status have become more obvious.

Another debate about security has come out concerning cookies. Security specialist (Christopher Tavan) discovered that the version of Chrome 69 stores the data even if the user “deleted all cookies”. Now Google has assured that the behavior of the browser corrects and cookies will be deleted when you purge data.

Version Chrome 70 should be out in mid-October.

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