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Google Chrome has received a new interface

Google Chrome получил новый интерфейсThe company added Chrome for Android support for the new interface.

The most famous and widely used web browser worldwide is Google Chrome, which has many different possibilities, but the most important among them is its cross-platform.

All data from the computer, using a single account are sent to the smartphone, tablet and any other electronic gadget, which is very convenient. As we found out today, may 26, 2018 this Internet Explorer in a version for mobile devices got a new feature, the appearance of which were waiting for more than 5 years.

It is an interface for working with tabs. Operating system Android P Google once again changed the principle of work with running applications, changing menu of multitasking. In the latest development builds of the web browser Chrome for smartphones, there is a new interface for switching between tabs. He’s much better and easier than the old one. Now users to switch between open tabs have to scroll up or down to find them, but soon everything will change.

American Corporation Google has finally decided what she was asked for a long time. She added in Chrome for Android support for a new interface to switch between tabs. Now you need to scroll left or right, and the user immediately sees the image of the page which he wants to access, and not just a name, as in the current navigation method.

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