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Google added a new Chrome browser for smartphones new features

Google добавила в новый браузер Chrome для смартфонов новые функцииThe web browser Google Chrome 64 available for download.

A few hours ago, the owners of smartphones based on Android operating system became available the new Google Chrome 64 who received two incredibly useful functions. In addition, the press service of the American corporations was accompanied by the release of a large update of information about the 65% of the audience of this web browser use it primarily on mobile platforms, i.e. smartphones and tablets, so Google pays the extension of functionality most important to them.

In a new Internet browser Chrome 64 for Android devices appeared, the system pop-up blocking, blocks opening any links unless expressly desire of the owner of the mobile device. In addition, it protects against malicious scripts, designed for the use of phones for the implementation of the hidden mainiga. All these scripts in a new browser from Google immediately blocked, but the user won’t even notice.

The second incredibly useful new feature in Google Chrome was the feature that allows you to mute each individual site. For example, if some resource automatically starts to play music when you visit, now in the settings your Internet browser a user can make sound was always muted for all pages under one domain name. It is very convenient and, as you will lose Google itself, allows you to deal more effectively with unfair advertising.

The web browser Google Chrome 64 now available for download to many users from the store Play store, but due to the peculiarities of the distribution of the inhabitants of certain regions to download and install it can take several hours or even days. Fortunately, the Russians were lucky because in the Google Play for Russia, the new version of Internet Explorer is now available for download to all interested persons absolutely free of charge.

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