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Google accused of spying on the movements of the users

Google уличили в слежке за передвижениями пользователейThe problem affects about 2 billion devices.

Many Google services on iPhone and Android devices store information about the movements of the user, even if privacy settings are disabled location history.

This is evidenced by the results of a study by the Associated Press. Researchers from Princeton University have confirmed the findings of journalists at the request of the AP.

The Agency notes that Google pre-asks the user whether the app can use geolocation. On the support page, Google emphasizes that users not to give such consent, “block access to location information for all applications”.

However, as journalists found out AP, this information is not true. In the experiment they found that after users turn off the history of movements, but do not change the settings of app activity and web searches, some Google services continue to keep location data. The company uses geolocation, when the user opens Google Maps, search engine or weather app on Android.

The Agency said that the problem affects about 2 billion devices running the Android operating system from Google and hundreds of millions of iPhone users in the world who use maps or search from Google.

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