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Good sign: in India the flowers bloom Apocalypse

Недобрый знак: в Индии распустились цветы Апокалипсиса Last flowering was observed 12 years ago.

In the mountains of the southern Ghats of the citizens of India have noticed an incredible blossoming plants belonging to the mountain stabilant. We are talking about a small Neelakurinji flowers purple-blue.

Plants starting from the opening day in 1838, disbanded only fifteen times. The last case was recorded in 2006. As noted by some Indians, blooming occurs with remarkable precision: the number of blossoms people checked even age.

People, in turn, noted that the appearance of flowers is often the case before the international conflicts. The Indians associated the appearance of buds with the execution in 2006 of the former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

At the moment Neelakurinji plants listed in the Red book.

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