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Good music from the “Anything good in the hotel El Piano”

Listen to the soundtrack of a new entertaining Thriller from the Creator of “the Cabin in the woods.”

“Nothing good in the hotel “El Royale”” is a story about how

Motley group of individuals stops for the night in the once popular hotel “El Royale”, located on the border of States Nevada and California. In the building gathered a surly priest, singer Darlene, energetic salesman and the suspicious girl from the South. Together with them the night the hotel holds a young Concierge. Each of them has something to hide, and each of them will have the chance to atone for past sins. But the situation is only compounded when in the “El Piano” appears sinister but charismatic cult leader who wants to get his own.

Unfortunately, the film somehow got lost in a series of October the Prime Minister and the attention of a wider audience to attract could not, despite vigorous trailers and luxury castes. Drew Goddard took off bright and exciting movie that once or twice, but will definitely be able to surprise you. He would have the timing a little bit smaller, because, to be honest, in the last third of the story, I began to get tired. It’s light and more sweeping version of “the hateful eight”, with songs and a shirtless Chris Hemsworth. However, the main attraction of the film was Jeff bridges and his monologue about the problems with memory. However, the torso of Hemsworth and the music in the film is also good. And now we invite you to enjoy the latest.

The soundtrack to “Nothing good in the hotel “El Royale”” wrote Michael Giacchino, a great lover of wind, the author of music for such blockbusters as “Mission impossible 3”, “Jurassic World” and “spider-Man: coming home.” He also has prestigious awards: Emmy, Saturn, Grammy, Golden globe and one “Oscar” (for the cartoon “Up”). In short, the composer cool and knows his business.

Listen for yourself.

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