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Gontareva said that will be with PrivatBank

Гонтарева рассказала, что будет с ПриватбанкомPrivat is the cleanest Bank in Ukraine, said Gontareva.

Will sold Privat, can be said only after there will be a new strategy for the development of state-owned banks.

This was reported in an interview with New times, the head of the NBU Valery Gontareva.

After the nationalization of PrivatBank, the share of state credit institutions in the country has reached 50%. And so the strategy for the development of state-owned banks obsolete.

“Now we need to rewrite the strategy of state-owned banks. For this they invited the EBRD to participate actively and in equity, and the financing of PrivatBank, and in its strategic development,” – said Gontareva.

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According to her, PrivatBank now is the best capitalized and cleanest Bank in the country. Because on the asset side, government securities issued by the Ministry of Finance to 116.8 billion. There is still a portfolio of deposits issued to individuals and small business for the sum of 25 billion UAH. This, according to the head of the regulator, a high-quality portfolio.

“From this Bank, if you have a strategy, the state can very quickly and efficiently to develop the business. And then it can be sold with a good multiplier. In our country there is no mortgage. At all. The world is 100-120% of GDP. But we have virtually 0%, there are only outstanding issue currency mortgages times 2005-2008. That is, with proper management this will become a real success story. This is the main task”, – said Gontareva.

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Another task of the state to the shareholders returned the money. At least, if he restrukturisasi loan portfolio as market conditions and provide real collateral, most of the reserves under the uncovered credit risk, it will be possible to disband – and it is about 150 billion UAH. That is to return the invested capital to the state.

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