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Going to the hairdresser can end stroke

Поход в парикмахерскую может закончится инсультомCases of stroke in hairdressing salons are not so little

Hair care and hairstyle are very important, but scientists say that going to the hairdresser in a certain way is associated with high risk of stroke.

According to experts, people with heart disease and endocrine system need to be especially careful.

Scientists from the University of biological studies in new York came to the conclusion that washing your hair in hairdressing and beauty salons can cause brain stroke. Doctors believe that the main risk factor are special chairs in which visitors sit while washing the head.

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“Their design compresses some nerves in the neck, which stimulates a rise in pressure. In addition, when tilting the head back increases blood flow to the brain, and it also has a negative impact on the human body. People with diseases of the heart and endocrine system we would not recommend to use such services”, – told the experts.

Experts say that cases of stroke in hairdressing salons are not so little, and by the barbers is well known.

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The biggest question remains, does the obtaining of a stroke the wrong position of the neck, or that the Barber twirls it. To prevent the possibility of stroke, note the chair: it should be governed by in all directions and support the neck completely. Ask the master to put you under the neck rolled up towel. If you suddenly feel right, immediately call the doctor, shared the recommendation of the staff of the University.

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