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“Godzilla: the planet of monsters”. Concept, poster and video.

Not so long ago, “Zone horror” I wrote about a joint project of companies “Toho” and “Netflix” – animated film from the universe of Godzilla, which attracted highly qualified specialists from the anime industry. Release date is not yet marked, but it is known that the movie will be released this year. Question – is it even possible to do something decent in such a short time? Well, the workaholism of the Japanese is legendary, and we seem to have a chance to once again confirm their veracity. Over the past two weeks the project got not only a new name, “Gojira: Kaijū Wakusei” (Godzilla: the planet of monsters), but also a bunch of futuristic lined art (you can see it here) and the official five-minute video about the creation of the film, where at least nicherta not clear, but the scope of what is happening definitely pleasing to the eye. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Of special note is to mention a hefty puttee concept of history, explaining what the lizard-overgrown forgotten in the future world. Looks like we’re in pretty good sci-fi!

Last summer the XX-th century. The days when people realized that they were not the only masters of the planet Earth.
Appear huge creatures called “kaiju” in the chief monster – Godzilla, destroying everything. In numerous battles with the kaiju over the last half-century mankind has suffered constant defeat and finally decided to leave the Earth. In 2048, the year individuals selected artificial intelligence, managed international government, coming on Board of the spacecraft “Aratron” to go to the distant Tau Centauri E, a planet at a distance of 11.9 light-years from the solar system. After twenty years of travel, the colonists discover that the differences between the environment of Earth and the Tau Centauri E was much greater than originally predicted, and the planet uninhabitable.
One of the colonists, Haruo personal scores with Godzilla when he was four years old, the monster killed his parents right in front of him. Over the past twenty years in his head flashed only one thought – to go back and defeat Godzilla. In connection with the problems of living in Tau Centauri E, he cobble together a group called “Returning to Earth” and decides to go in a dangerous mission with the help of new technology, hyperspace navigation. However, when his group landed on Earth, he discovers that from the time of their flight passed 20 000 years, and now people completely unfamiliar world with a changed ecosystem, which was completely rebuilt under its new owner – Godzilla.
Whether people will be able to regain its superiority in this world? And he expects Haruo outside of your destiny?

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