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“Godzilla: planet of the beast”: see the new trailer!

Here’s a fresh bursting atomic heat video of the upcoming anime “Godzilla: the planet of monsters”.

In General, as you may have noticed the lack of promo video this picture is not experiencing. Well, we’re just happy, because every time this is another opportunity to admire the most famous Japanese monstryatinu. Another Hollywood version is also in development, as it is known, however, plenty of news the project is still can not boast. So focus on the adventures of the animated kaiju.


In the last summer of the 20th century people found out that the planet they no longer belong. Giant monsters — kaiju — emerged from the bowels of the earth, and then began to destroy the human city and each other. The most fearsome of the kaiju was Godzilla. Invincible lizard with radioactive breath.
After half a century of senseless struggle people decide to give up. The fortunate few is loaded on a spaceship “Artroom” and send in 12 light-years away in a planetary system Tau Ceti, where, under a new sun, to rebuild civilization from scratch. After 20 years of travel suddenly turns out that the new world uninhabitable. Among immigrants there is a movement of “returnitem” who are eager to come back again to fight monsters for control of the planet. Their leader is a guy named Haruo. The boy was only four years old when his eyes Godzilla killed his parents. Haruo wants revenge. He convinces his comrades to use for quick return of dangerous technology of navigation in hyperspace.
Due to an error in navigation, the settlers return to Earth after 20,000 years after their own escape. From human civilization is gone, the world is ruled by monsters, and on top of the food chain sits a personal enemy of Haruo’s Godzilla.

The script is written by Urobuchi of the Leg (“Psychopathic”), and Directors are Hiroyuki Seshita (“Humans”) and , Shizuno Kobun (“Elf song”).

In the beginning of 2018 “Godzilla: the planet of monsters” will be released on Netflixand in may in Japan will premiere the sequel!

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