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Goblin from “Mandy” became a mask for Halloween (PHOTO)

Remember puking Cheddar Goblin from a very strange ad, that flashes in the horror Thriller “Mandy”? Now fans of the film will be able to try on the mask of this green lover of cheese.

Sculptor Shane Morton and specialist in casting Kevin Mo of the Silver Scream FX Lab made the mask in the image and likeness of Cheddar Goblin. The work is manual, exclusive, and therefore the price tag she’s not weak — $199.99.

The mask is manufactured in strictly limited edition: only 50 pieces made. Each instance is supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed including the Director of “Mandy” by Panos Cosmatos.

Well, if you haven’t watched the movie, then maybe it’s still somewhere in the movie.

1983. Lumberjack Red with a lovely wife Mandy live quietly in the midst of pristine nature. However, the idyll intrudes the evil — sect bikers and Satanists. Seeing Mandy in the woods, the sinister cult leader ordered to kidnap the girl, drug her pumps and gives the ritual burning. And leaves no choice to the Red, but to embark on the path of revenge.

Or at least the house can be viewed. Anyway, this is an absolute must see for true fans of the genre.

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