Friday , May 29 2020
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“Down with the dictatorship! Shal Kate! (The old man go away!)”, — shouted the protesters in Kazakhstan. That’s right – about the dictatorship in Russian, and about the fact that President Nazarbayev should go in Kazakh.

The juicy brief and edged like a sharp clap of the explosion gas, it sounds in Kazakh – “Shal, ket”. Like a wet fish tail (EAS) lashed the bronze item entities (ket).

The sound from this call (go away!) rolling and Russia, hits the walls of the Kremlin, penetrates, runs through the corridors, past the crazy, catching hands in the air guard, in the biggest room and elastically strikes the Main in the face of cold of free Kazakh steppes. Go! Get out of here too.

Call appropriate. “The Kingdom” of our decayed.

That, paradoxically, show themselves power to reveal on amendments to the Constitution.

Opened a perfect farce, which turned into power.

When every courtier freak trying to stand on tiptoe, to attract the attention of the Chief, shouting: “mine! My pot also take in the Constitution!”

Great state activity. “In a noisy farce like to gather /Crooks, thugs, thieves of all kinds Who come to drink, who came to fight, /Who came to hear the latest news …” Well, and so on.

All hastily, in the rush, illegal, stupid, pointless, among friends. Even control illegal “vote of the people” is also on their own, without the approval of strangers. With the assurance that this is taken for a long time, and fear that actually, it’s for a short period. Besides, the process of “lawmaking” has turned the Constitution into nothing. Finally.

Confident the authorities do not behave. In vain the Kremlin believe that their weakness, futility is not visible in the country. All this I see and know.


“Go away!” — shout in Kazakhstan. “Go away!” — repeat the echo in Russia. Go.

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