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“Go outside, Bangladesh”: in the metro of Rome as the Ukrainians beat the boy. Video

"Иди на улицу, Бангладеш": в римском метро украинцы избили мальчика. ВидеоIn metro Rome, two Ukrainians tried to Rob a passenger and put up a fight

“Ydi Voicu, Bangladesh ***, I am a fascist ***, I’m ***”. Scho ti meni here mahas, ***”, is clearly audible on the video. Then one of the bullies took the boy’s clothes, and in a few moments struck him.

The victim was two heads below him, but answered. At this point, the operator took the camera.

According to the Italian journalists, the boy did not respond to the pre attack insults and was beaten only because of his Indian appearance. According to an eyewitness, the hoodlums, about half an hour professed Nazi greeting, praising Mussolini and chanted racist slogans in Ukrainian language.

When two thugs rushed at the lone boy, some passengers were afraid and went and others tried to intervene: “the Lady who tried to reconcile them, was thrown to the floor and beaten to blood,” – said one of the passengers. They also threatened to “break” any other girl who tries to separate them.

“This hatred without shame, eats and is legitimized today, let’s Wake up, before it’s too late” – speaking about the incident said the witness.

Note that in the original note not a word about the nationality of the racists.

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